How do I set my WeKNOW Pricing??

How do I set my WeKNOW Pricing??

Ok, time to focus on pricing.

We get it… It’s a kind of a loaded question; what do you want to charge? And we know you need a little more info first, so here’s how things work.

  • You set your rate based on the level of specialty of your topic, your experience and (especially if your topic requires the session to meet in person) your location.
    • You will make 80% of this price.
    • WeKNOW invoices 20% of the price you set
    • The price you set will be the price that is promoted on the platform.
    • Travel time is not counted against the session time but should be considered when setting your price. If the protege is coming to your shop or studio, that helps you keep your prices competitive.
  • During the final stages of your on-boarding you’ll be directed to set up a Stripe account and connect it to our account so we can transfer your funds after the session is complete.
    • WeKNOW users pay for the session when they schedule it. So the money is in the bank, we appreciate your respect in following through with the session.
    • WeKNOW will pay the 3% Stripe processing fee.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email at

Tips On Setting Your Pricing

  • Check the professional communities around you to see what training or instruction in your topic costs.
  • Check trade job boards, magazines and freelance websites to see what other folks are charging for instruction that compares closely to what you are doing.
  • If there is no instruction available in your field (We’ve looked, we can’t find Underwater Basket Weaving) get an idea of what it would cost to have someone local solve the need your topic serves. For example; There aren’t any formal woodworking classes in our town but I can hire a carpenter for about $80/hr. So, it’s reasonable to think someone working in that field would charge $80/hr for a session.
  • Watch other prices on the platform and adjust accordingly, staying competitive helps to keep you busy. Remember, there are pro carpenters out there working for companies who pay them $35/hr. That means $50 for them is a nice side gig. Price wisely!!!

Be Patient With Yourself — It Takes Time, Trial and Error to Reach an Optimal Rate.