Mentor FAQ

Mentor FAQ

Q: How do I sign up

A: Follow this link to be guided through our signup process

Q: Where will sessions take place?

A: That depends and is totally up to you. Some sessions may be remote online, some may take place at the Mentor’s location, the Protege’s location, or another agreed upon location.

Q: When do I get paid for a session?

A: The Protege pays for the session when scheduling the session. Once the session is complete and the Protege confirms that everything is satisfactory the payment will be deposited into your Stripe account.

Q: How much does WeKNOW take in fees and charges?

A: WeKNOW only takes 20% of session fees.

Q: What are the requirements for becoming a Mentor?
  1. Have a valid SSN
  2. Have a US bank account
  3. Be a minimum of 21 years of age
  4. Pass a background check
  5. Have skills, capabilities, knowledge and experience in a particular field and willingness to share them
Q:How do new learners find me ?

A: After your account is established you will be able to create a profile. Your profile will describe the areas that you teach. We will be advertising various topics and locations almost constantly. We also suggest you submit blogs on your topic helping to establish yourself as an authority in your field; those are shared on our blog and through our social media. The best performing topics also have great representation on our home page. Finally, we’ve designed your profile page so it can be easily shared The link preview acts as a small advertisement for your sessions. We also have several social media resources you can use to help promote yourself.

Q: How am I notified if someone books a session

A: You will receive an email from our system confirming the date and time and location request (if applicable) of the session.

Q: What happens after I’m booked?

A: After your account is established we work with you to create a profile. Your profile describes your experience, the areas that you teach and the types of sessions someone can take with you. It also includes a scheduler that you maintain so our users can see your availability and book immediately. Part of this process is helping you create a document that introduces yourself while laying out the skills in which you are adept in Mentoring. We deliver this document to the protege and then deliver you the answers. Of course, you can reply with questions if anything isn’t clear. The goal of this communication beyond an introduction, is to discover what level the protege is at currently and what their objective is for the session.
The response to this email will help you prepare a session that it on point and highly effective

Q: What is your policy on side gigs?

A: We totally understand you might have other ways of marketing and filling your teaching schedule. We hope you understand and appreciate the efforts we are putting into a platform that will provide an amazing experience for your students and hopefully extend your reach beyond what you are already doing. You don’t have to move the clients you have found over to our system but we ask you to keep the proteges WeKNOW finds you within our system. Violation of this policy could be met with blacklisting from the platform.

Q: I teach woodworking which requires raw materials. Who pays for those?

A: The Protege pays for and keep the final materials. This would be a great question in your first contact document and a great offering. Simply make it a separate offering to meet the protege and show them how to estimate and purchase the raw materials needed for the task at hand; you won’t believe how many folks just have no idea where to start.

Q: My topic requires power tools. Who is liable if a protege cuts themself with my tools?

A: Both proteges and mentors sign liability release form taking responsibility for their actions before, during and after the session.

Q: What kind of check does WeKNOW perform on it’s proteges.

A: A standard practice for web based organizations to confirm identity is through email confirmation and a confirmed payment source. We perform both of these actions and the session is paid for at the time of booking although payment isn’t released until the protege completes their Performance Review page and gives you a rating.

Q: What if the protege doesn’t complete the Performance Review page.

A: We follow up with the protege for 3 days after the session, if we haven’t heard from them by then we release payment. We encourage all Mentors to include the importance of the Performance Review Page in their session closing to both expedite payment and improve your Mentor Rating.

Q: How do I set my pricing?

A: We have a separate page set aside to answer pricing questions. Click here.

Q: I’m confused on how to set up my profile page.

A: We have a separate page set aside to answer questions on setting up your profile. Click here.