Micro-Mentoring; Perfect For Learning Just About Anything.

So many missing pieces of the puzzle fell in place.

— Micro-Mentoring; Perfect For Learning Just About Anything.

When I was in my early twenties, my roommate was a drummer for a local band. I went to a show one night, they were running sound from the stage and there was pretty painful feedback coming from a drum mic. Somehow, I could tell which mic it was, and I walked up onto stage and made an adjustment on the soundboard to the pleasure of the small crowd. For the next few Thursday nights, my buddy would ask if I wanted to be the sound guy.  Well, hey, who doesn’t want to be part of the band? After a month or so watching them pay a local music store $500.00 a day to rent the small rig, I realized the free drinks I was working for could be so much more. The next day, I ran out and spent everything I had and took on a monthly payment to boot.

I’ll never forget that next day. In the span of 4 hours so many doors were opened to me and so many missing pieces of the puzzle fell in place.

My new system was much different and quite a bit bigger than the one we were renting. Pretty much right away, I could tell I was in over my head. Luckily for me, there was a guy named James who would come to our shows; he was an old sound dog from NY and used to work on Broadway and in bigger venues. He could see I was struggling and one night struck up a conversation and slowly began offering me advice. As the night wound down, he suggested I bring my gear over to his place the next day so we could discuss some of the physics behind audio production and how it all fit together.

I’ll never forget that next day. In the span of 4 hours so many doors were opened to me and so many missing pieces of the puzzle fell in place. One on one, James gave me such deep insight and answered my specific questions until everything became clear. Just a few days later. at a college a few towns away, we blew the roof off the place. The difference for the band was so drastic, I was no longer holding them back and they were free to create and flow. All of it made my work so much more enjoyable and the audience’s reaction was proof positive. James continued to Mentor me for several years and eventually, I hired him on a regular basis but my entire life changed that day in his driveway.

When we hear someone talk about their Mentor, all too often it comes with a connotation that it’s for an executive position or something you have to be groomed for. In the past it has been associated with groups that were, for the most part, exclusive, unavailable to some specific groups. As we’ve moved into the digital age, our lives have grown more complicated and time has become scarce. It’s much more difficult to find someone with the experience and the willingness to invest the needed time to mentor us in a subject we want or need to know more about.

But the reality of the digital age is; there is information everywhere. Content marketing has pushed companies large and small to offer us a glimpse into their markets and products, giving us almost everything we need to put the puzzle together ourselves. Sometimes, we just need three or four hours with someone-in-the-know to help us tie the vision together and put those final few pieces in place.

At WeKNOW, we see the value in Micro-Mentoring. We also see that experts are everywhere. The plumber who fixed our corporate office sink a couple weeks ago? Well, he’s also an amazing photographer. I have a friend who designs websites, but his bbq will make you slap your grandma. We all know someone who goes to work but it’s not the only thing in which he or she is really excels.

Bringing two people together that share in a passion is an amazing thing, We’ve met people who are looking to live a better life through improving their work skills, making home improvements, finding new hobbies to relax with and just simply learn something more about their new camera. We’ve connected them with someone who shares their interest and can help them learn. Just a couple of hours later, they were armed with their new knowledge and off on a new adventure. We’ve heard things like “… it was a fast forward on my life” and “The session with Robert was Transformational”.

Micro-mentoring is the perfect answer to so many people’s need for a piece of knowledge today. Highly targeted feedback aimed at improving specific skills can be much more effective in a much shorter time